Storage Hauls

Storage Hauls

Do you have, or are you about to rent a self-storage unit? If the answer is yes, then you have already, or you are about to, experience the trials and tribulations of storage hauls. That process where you move the stuff in your house (or business) into and out of a self-storage unit. Think of these units as the Southern California equivalent of a basement. It’s where you keep stuff you don’t want in your living space but can’t bring yourself to throw away.

Of course, there are times when a self-storage unit is a life saver. If your home is going through a renovation and you need a place to move furniture temporarily, these units are a perfect solution. If you’re selling your home and the realtor wants to stage it, you can count on a fair amount of your furniture needing to find a new home.

If you’re a business and you do a lot of promotional activities, self-storage spaces are great places to store tents, signs, banners, and other promotional supplies.

Regardless why you use self-storage, you’re going to have to haul your stuff to it, and eventually, from it. So, what do you do? If you’re talking furniture you might call a commercial mover and that’s expensive. You might try to cram the rest of the stuff in the SUV or lashed to the roof, but even if you don’t mind looking like the Beverly Hillbillies you’ll probably have to make multiple trips.

Or you could just use Truckly for a fast, efficient, affordable storage haul project.

Truckly – Matching Small Move Needs With Small Move Storage Haulers

Truckly is a free app that uses advanced technology to connect people needing small moves with people who want to make them. The exploding ride-share economy that has given us car-for-hire service, food delivery, and shared auto ownership has spun off another service, local haulers with pickup trucks.

These entrepreneurs are like Uber and Lyft drivers except they own pickup trucks and have experience making moves. Essentially, they are the right sized service for small moves like storage hauls. That means an efficient use of resources and that means a lower cost to you.

Here’s how it works.

Sign up to Trucly and download the app (it’s free). To place an order, open the app and select a service (moving), tell us what you want moved and if you are going to need a second truck or a helper, where the items are and where they are going, the date and time of the move. That’s it. Review and confirm the order and scan your card to pay on our secure Stripe platform. The price you see is not an estimate, it is the guaranteed full price for the job and you will be amazed at how low it is.

Don’t let storage hauling get you down. Get Truckly and get on with your life. Download the app now!

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