Single items Delivery

Single items Delivery

Small, single item moves are one of life’s challenges that can have an impact on your quality of life. Do you have a large or oversized item, or an item that is just too heavy to move yourself, that you need to get from point A to point B? Maybe you have a sectional that you would like to get reupholstered but it’s too big to fit in your car. Or you’d like to buy that dining room table you saw on CraigsList or that refrigerator on OfferUp but you have no way of getting it home.

If only you had a friend with a pickup truck your problem would be solved.

There really aren’t many options available when making a single item local move. In fact, until now, the only real option was to rent a pickup truck for the day.

Renting a truck is not only expensive, it is a massive inconvenience. You’ve got to make the reservation, deal with the paperwork, stand in line to turn it in, and of course, drive a truck in Los Angeles traffic.

You’re still going to need a friend to help you. Your friend will need to drive your car back from the rental office, help you with loading and unloading the truck, and then be there to give you a ride home when you turn it in. You owe this friend something nice.

If your friend only had a pickup truck the two of you could have gotten the job done faster and with no hassle.

Good news. Truckly has your back.

A New Way to Find a Local Hauler with a Pickup Truck

Truckly can take the stress and hassle out of single item moves. Our app connects you with the newest breed of ride-share economy entrepreneurs, locals with trucks. Download our app, tap in your request, tell us what, when and where and we will dispatch a driver and pickup truck (and helper if you need one) to your location at your scheduled time. To make the process as efficient and cost-effective as possible, you can direct the driver to meet you at your home or at a seller’s location (Craigslist, resale shop, etc.).

Truckly’s advanced app technology instantly calculates distance, schedule, driver availability and cost. You’ll see a summary and guaranteed price immediately after you submit your request. Order the service, pay on your phone using a secure Stripe platform, and your small move problem is solved.

The answer to your single item local move is at your fingertips. Download the app today and start getting stuff done now!

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