Moving & Hauling

Moving & Hauling

In the last six months, how many times would your life have been made easier if you had access to a pickup truck and a friend to help you haul something or make a small move? Did you have to call a commercial mover or hauler to move items that would have easily fit in the back of a pickup truck? Would you have bought that great, old wardrobe at the estate sale if you had a way to get it home? If you have a lawn, how many trips did you have to make to the garden supply store for mulch, bags of fertilizer, or decorative stone? The shocks and trunk on your compact car can only handle so much.

If you have been disappointed by a lack of appropriately sized transport for a project, we have good news!

At we offer a free app that will connect you to a huge network of small move providers located in Los Angeles and Orange County. SoCal is experiencing a boom in the ride-sharing economy resulting in a new niche service…small movers with pickup trucks.

You don’t need a five-pound hammer to drive a nail just like you don’t need a 22 foot commercial van, driver and helpers, to move your favorite occasional chair to the upholstery shop. At Truckly we can quickly connect you to the right size service to get the job done competitively, on your schedule, and hassle free.

Small Moving and Hauling Services at Your Fingertips

The Truckly app is deceptively easy to use. There is a ton of advanced technology driving it allowing you to book a move within 4 minutes or less. No searching for providers, no calling around for bids, no haggling, just tell us what, when and where and we send you an instant, guaranteed price. Accept, pay online using our secure Stripe platform and boom, your truck and driver will be where you want them when you want them.

It’s fast, it’s easy, it’s secure. Our mission is to match the level of service you need with the right size provider. Don’t let the size of your trunk or crossover SUV cause you to make multiple trips or not move something just because you don’t have the cargo space. Don’t pay outrageous delivery charges from stores, don’t call a junk hauler when you would rather donate your “junk” to your favorite charity, and don’t go through the hassle and time-consuming process of renting a truck. Use the Truckly app and get your local move and hauling projects done today.

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