Mobile Carwash

Mobile Carwash

New York has subways, Chicago has the Elevated, San Francisco has BART, but if you live in Los Angeles or Orange County, your principal means of transportation is your car, truck or SUV. We move on private wheels. The automobile is an essential part of Southern California culture. We like cool rides and we go out of our way to keep them looking cool. It’s probably not surprising to learn that there are nearly 1,000 car wash establishments in the Los Angeles area.

There are about 6.4 million cars, trucks, and SUVs in Los Angeles and Orange Counties, many of which are in desperate need of a carwash. Is your ride one of these? If so, when are you going to get it cleaned? On the weekend, right?

You don’t have to spend precious weekend time getting your car washed. You can actually get your car washed, or even detailed, anytime, anywhere you want by using the mobile carwash providers available through the Truckly app. And we’re confident the results our mobile carwash pros provide will be far superior to any drive-thru carwash.

No more fighting traffic or standing in line for a car wash. We bring the carwash to you, wherever you might be. There’s no reason why your car can’t get the care it needs just because it’s parked in the company’s lot while you’re at work, or sitting in your driveway, or even parked at the golf course. Ordering up a mobile carwash is a piece of cake on the Truckly app. And we think you’ll appreciate the fact that our mobile carwash providers offer three different levels of wash designed to meet your specific needs.

We also think you’ll enjoy the exceptionally competitive prices.

Scratch Carwash Off Your Weekend “To Do” List

Truckly connects you with a network of local professional mobile carwash providers. Based on the level of service you request; we will schedule the most appropriate provider and have them at the location you specify at the time you tell us. Your ride is going to love us. Our carwash providers are amazing. Even our basic exterior wash will leave your vehicle looking like it just came off the showroom floor.

Why accept the slap-dash wash from mechanical brushes and giant hot air dryers when you can have a hand washed and wiped finish for your chariot. And you can get it at an affordable rate, any time, anywhere?

Don’t let the carwash chore bite into your free time on the weekend. Download the Truckly app now and order up a mobile carwash!

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