Home Projects

Home Projects

Do you have a DIY home project that’s on hold because you don’t have a way to get the stuff you need from the home improvement store to your house? Those 2×4 planks, sheet rock, six-foot stepladder. Or landscaping supplies are not going to fit in your SUV even with the second row of seats down.

So, what are you going to do? Rent a pickup truck for a day? That is a time consuming exercise. You have to make the reservation, drive to the rental office, deal with the paperwork, and then go through it all again when you return it. And will they allow you to leave your car on their lot while you have the truck? If they don’t, you’ll need a friend to drive you to and from the rental office.

Is that really what you want to do? We don’t think so. We think you want a cleaner, simpler solution.

There’s a New Home Project Haulers Option Available

Good news! Truckly has your back! You can get that that DIY project done quickly and hassle free simply by opening our app and submitting a request. Tell us what, when, and where and we will connect you with a network of the ride-share economy’s latest group of entrepreneurs, local movers with pickup trucks.

It’s simple really.

When you submit your request on our app, you’ll see an instant quote (and that price is guaranteed). If you like it, pay on the app using our secure Staple platform and your order is processed.  At the selected time a pickup with driver, (and a helper if you want one) will arrive at your designated start location. Your stuff gets moved and life is good.

Make your life easier. Take full advantage of the expanding services of the ride-share economy. Use our advanced technology to connect with affordable local movers with pickup trucks.  Our mission is to help you match the service you hire with the service level you need.

If you’ve got something to move or pick up that is long, or tall, or too heavy to lift yourself, open our app and get the muscle and truck bed space you need! Download now!

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