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If you are a contractor on a job, you understand better than most, the old adage that time is money. It doesn’t matter if you are a plumber, electrician, landscaper, or the general, you understand the importance to make every minute on a job productive in order to maximize your return. So, when the property owner issues a change order and you need supplies or materials you don’t have on site, or you discover you discover you don’t have enough tiles, or cable, or wallboard, to keep the crew busy throughout the day, what do you do?

A Master Electrician earns exactly zero dollars per hour when driving his van to a supplier to get material needed on the job site. Sending two helpers in a truck to get the new pavers the owner wants installed today costs how much? As it turns out, time away from the job is money too. It’s money that’s coming out of your pocket.

There is a tool a contractor can use to quickly get the supplies to the job site without sending crew members or driving to the supplier himself. It’s an app and it’s called Truckly.


Truckly is an app that uses advanced technology to connect people who need single item or small load moves with people who want to make them. The expanding ride-share economy has spun off another service group, local small movers. These entrepreneurs are similar to Uber and Lyft drivers except they drive Ford F 150, Chevy Colorado, or other pickup trucks, and they make small local moves. At Truckly, we have a network of these movers that service Los Angeles and Orange County that we can put you in touch with.

If you find yourself needing supplies on the job site but you can’t spare any of the crew to get them, here’s what you do.

Call your local supplier and order the material. Determine when it will be ready for pickup. Open up the Truckly app, select service type (moving), tell us what you are moving, where it is, where it’s going, and what date and time you want it delivered. Review and confirm your request. Scan your card and pay. The price you see is not an estimate, it is the guaranteed full price and you’re going to be amazed at how low it is.

That’s it. You can get back to work confident that the material you needed will be on site at the time you want it.

Put this time saving, affordable tool in your tool belt. Download the Truckly app and sign up now!

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