Car Help

Car Help

It’s 7:30 AM, you rush out the door, get in the car to start your commute, turn the key, and nothing happens. Maybe there’s a little click, click, sound, or maybe there’s nothing. It’s a dead battery. So, what do you do?

If you have AAA or another road assistance service you quickly learn that at 7:30 AM, half the commuting population of Los Angeles and Orange County have dead batteries. Or it seems like that because it will be at least an hour before a tow truck can get to you.

Then you remember you have the Truckly app on your phone. You used us to help with your last apartment move but you remember we offer car assistance as well as local hauling. You open it, select car service, battery jump, tell us where you are, and you’re done.

At Truckly, we are connecting you with a network of local providers who can offer assistance in jumping your car. These are local folks who are not affiliated with the large national networks, consequently, they are frequently more readily available than your insurance provided roadside assistance or AAA vendor. They are also significantly more affordable.

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Remember that time when you wondered how far you could go when the gas gauge was on “E” and you discovered it wasn’t as far as you thought it might be? At best, running out of gas can be embarrassing but far too many times it can be dangerous. There was a time (a couple of decades ago) when you could walk to a gas station and they would loan you a can, sell you a gallon, and trust you to return the container. Not any more.

If you find yourself out of gas, open the Truckly app, select car service and request a gallon of gas. You’ll get an instant, guaranteed price, and an arrival time. You can pay for the service, like you can pay for all services on Truckly, by scanning your card into the secured Stripe platform integrated into the app.

Connecting to a local network of providers means faster service and faster service means you minimize your down time and reduce stress levels. If you don’t have the Truckly already, get the security of fast car service and download it now!

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