Truckly – The Value-Added Delivery Service for Small Businesses Who Offer Local Delivery

Do you have a retail shop or service business that could benefit from offering a delivery service for your customers? If you are successful now, imagine how much more competitive and attractive your business would become if you could offer your customers on-demand delivery service to handle those oversized items that won’t fit in a car or SUV. Imagine how much more goodwill and repeat business you’d gain. And imagine the additional revenue you would generate.

Truckly can make that happen for you.

Truckly is an advanced app that instantly connects consumers with a network of the latest niche in the expanding ride-share economy, local haulers with pickup trucks. Truckly provides the answer to quick, affordable, local delivery.

All you have to do as the business owner is refer your customer to the app. Think about it for a minute. You get the benefit of a delivery service without any investment, “it won’t fit in the car” is no longer a valid objection to a sale, and your customer your customer controls the date and time of delivery that’s best for them. Truckly is fast, reliable, affordable, and your customers are going to love you for recommending it.

Many retail businesses that offer delivery like furniture stores, appliance retailers, and department stores charge their customers for the delivery. The retailers either contract with a commercial mover or have invested in the equipment and employees to get the job done. Either way, delivery is not inexpensive, and the date and time of delivery is not controlled by the customer.

Truckly connects with and schedules a network of local mover who is cut from the same cloth as an Uber and Lyft driver except he/she owns a mid-size or full-size pickup truck and has experience moving. These local haulers are far more competitively priced than other options.

The Truckly app is incredibly fast. In fact your customer could download it and submit a request while they are at your counter. They’re going to be shocked at just how affordable the cost is, particularly if they have been shopping around at stores that charge for delivery.

What’s the downside for you? There isn’t one. Download the app yourself (it’s free) to get a feel for how it works, and then start referring it to your customers. You’ll be glad you did. Download it now!

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