Have you recently purchased a used car, truck, or SUV, or ready to sell one, or is your ride in serious need of a deep cleaning? If you live in Los Angeles or Orange County you can turn that dingy vehicle into a head turning ride with a deep cleaning from a Truckly professional mobile car wash provider. With the Truckly app there’s no hassle, no wasted time driving to a car wash or detailer and dropping the ride off, waiting for the job to be done, and then riding home again. No. It’s schedule, submit, unlock the doors when the mobile carwash team arrives, lock it up when they leave. That’s all the “hassle” involved in a Truckly “Sparkling” mobile car wash service.

Truckly is an advanced technology app that connects you with a network of professional local mobile car wash providers and these providers are amazing. They’ve seen it all and they have cleaned it all. If your ride is in need of a deep cleaning, you are in need of an affordable, Sparkle cleaning from a Truckly mobile car wash team. And ordering it up can’t get any simpler.

Download the app (it’s free). Select a service (car wash), select Sparkle, click on a few buttons and a scroll down menu to give us location, type of vehicle, etc. and enter any additional information you want (gate code, color of vehicle, etc.). Review the request, scan your card into the secure Stripe platform integrated into the app, and boom, you’re done. The mobile car wash team will arrive where you directed at the time you selected and begin breathing new life into your vehicle.

Show Your Ride the Love it Needs

Truckly’s Sparkle service is more than just a car wash, much more. It’s a great service for any car that spends most of its daytime hours exposed to Southern California’s UV rays, cars with leather interiors and accents, or interiors that have small stains. Sparkle has a solution for all those issues.

Here’s what you get:

  • All exterior services are given a thorough hand wash using only top of the line automotive cleaning agents.
  • All glass surfaces, windows, windshield, rear window, all mirrors, are professionally cleaned and polished.
  • If the headlights have a case of “cloudy eye” caused by oxidation, we’ll bring them back to like new condition.
  • All leather surfaces, upholstery, steering wheel, gear shifts, and accents are restored to their original condition.
  • The entire interior receives a deep cleaning and vacuuming. The dash, touchscreen, audio system are all wiped down.
  • The wheels receive special attention. Rims are thoroughly cleaned and the tires are treated with a top grade dressing.

The Sparkle service takes a while to complete, but then it took a while for your car to get in the condition it’s in. You’re going to love how your ride looks and you’re going to be amazed at the value this service represents.

Do your ride a favor and treat it to a spa treatment today. Download the app now and order up a Sparkle mobile car wash!

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