Moving and Hauling

Moving and hauling using Truckly is an economical alternative to expensive hauling and delivery solutions. We’ve all been there- you see that great deal on an appliance you really wanted but there’s no way to get it home. Or perhaps you’re just moving across town and rather than making 20 trips you’d like to finish it all in one go- but your Prius just doesn’t have the capacity to fit the last few items. Sure, you can rent a truck from Uhaul, or hire a full service moving company- but there are all the added time and lengthy paperwork to fill out, not to mention worries about fuel charges, insurance, and more.

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Using Truckly

That’s where Truckly comes in – simply download our app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store and connect with one of our friendly Truckly Drivers. They are standing by to accept your request, and they can even assist with the actual moving of the item or items themselves, if you request it. Truckly is a mobile application that links you to truck drivers in your local area, upon request. These trucks are available to help you move or haul almost anything, act as on-demand hauler, or delivery trucks. New and used furniture, antiques, appliances, outdoor goods, industrial equipment, machine parts, yard waste, you name it- Truckly hauls it all.

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