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The Truckly app is the fastest, simplest, way to connect with a local mobile service providers that can solve your small move transportation problem, provide assistance with a dead car battery or running out of gas, or giving your car a super wash or even detailing with mobile carwash service. That’s what we do.

What we think is pretty amazing, is how we get it done. But we also know, that you are the one who is important. What we designed is a service that is simple for you to use, fast, affordable, and smart. The whole idea is to make life easier for you and the rest of the community by providing an answer for a need that pops up in every person’s life.

Here’s how it works. You open the app, chose a service and then either click on buttons or select from draw down menus. Identifying locations is done by clicking on a map. Even paying is easy. You get an instant, guaranteed price then simply scan your card into our secure Stripe platform that is integrated into the app.

Now for the geeky side. Our team of talented app developers came up with the technology that makes all these services possible. It can calculate the type of service, locations, distance involved, the current location and availability of every provider in the mobile service network, cost, and schedules the most appropriate mobile provider for your request. And it does all this instantly.

And we do it all for you.

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How Will You Use This Great, New, Small Move Service?

When we started Truckly we thought we knew how most people would use the service. Apartment moves, store deliveries, highway emergencies, detailing, etc. were all pretty obvious. But what we have found, is our customers “discover” other ways to make the small move service solve other issues in their daily life.

Here are a few examples of what we mean:

  • Furniture Repair. One customer had a favorite sectional that badly needed re-upholstering but she had no way to transport it and she obviously couldn’t manhandle it into a truck by herself even if she had a pickup. She had used Truckly for a traditional small move job and decides to use us to get the sectional to the upholstery shop. Of course, she used us again to bring the sectional back when it was done.
  • Lawn Cleanup. When you finally decide to trim back that pomegranate tree or whack back that overgrown hedge, you’re going to have a pile of green waste that will take weeks to dispose of in the DWP green can. With a pickup, you can load it all and have it hauled to LA or Orange County land fill.
  • Clean Up at Golf. Mark Twain said, “golf is a waste of a good walk.” That may be so, but just because you are wasting a good walk doesn’t mean you have to waste time. When you pull into the lot at the golf course, open the Truckly app and order up a carwash. While you’re whacking away at the little white ball, a mobile carwash team will be washing and shining your ride to a high gleam.

How are you going to use us? We think you’ll be surprised how may ways an appropriate sized form of transport can help you in your daily life. Download the app now!

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