Work whenever you feel like it

Truckly lets you decide when to
make money. So you’ll never
have to choose between making
money and enjoying your free time.

Do one, or all of the services

You don’t have to do the same
work every day. Choose the service
you feel like doing and work as
little or as hard as you want.

Let the app do the rest

Set your services and let us do
the rest. Get details for every
request, turn-by-turn directions,
and options to earn more cash.

Own a truck, van, or SUV?

Over 21?

Valid Insurance?

Clean driving record?*

Clean criminal record?*

Friendly and Respectful?

The application process to become a Truckly Trusted Driver is simple. Just fill out the short form on the left!
*Truckly will verify your record

Sign Up Here As a Totes Trusted Driver:


When you’re ready to start making money, just open the app to receive and view available requests. We’ll show you the details of the request, time, and locations. If you’re interested, you can accept it and head to the location where service is needed. The app tracks the type of service, the time you spend and the distances you travel in order to calculate your fare.


Move and Haul Things

Requests for Pick-ups are pouring in.
People need things hauled or moved.
Businesses need their products delivered.
So, sign up to drive, invest in some straps
and a dolly and you can start accepting
requests and start making money in no time.

Car Help

Most drivers don’t have access to
People forget to get gas, all the time.
Car batteries go bad, and tires go flat.
If you’re willing to help someone, you
can make extra cash. It’s up to you!

Waterless Carwash

We care about the environment, and cars.
We offer an alternative to the traditional carwash.
Simply, spray the car with the product, wipe to haze with a terry cloth, then buff to a high shine with a microfiber towel.
It’s Eco-friendly, Fast and Clean.
Sign up today!