Does your business need a delivery and hauling solution?

Truckly gives you access to the largest fleet of on-demand independent truck drivers in California! With Truckly, you don’t have to miss another sale because of delivery and logistics. Whether it’s furniture, appliances, lumber, wholesale boxes, flowers, equipment, or event rentals, let a Truckly Driver come to you and have those items delivered wherever you need them.

Don’t lose another sale!

No need to worry about delivery again. Truckly lets you request a nearby truck to deliver items straight to your customer’s doorstep.

Get a truck when you need it!

There’s no need to worry about which drivers are available when. Truckly routes your request to the nearest available driver on demand.

It’s as simple as a few taps

Just let us know what you need delivered, where to pick it up from, and where to take it, and we’ll do the rest. It’s that simple!

Own a small business?

Need items delivered?

Tired of unreliable drivers?

Want someone to help load and unload?

Affordable, Reliable, and Fast!

To start taking advantage of California’s largest fleet of independent truck drivers, just sign up using the form on the left!


When you’re ready to make a request, just open the app, select which service you need, let us know when you need it and where, and Truckly does the rest. The app will locate available drivers near you, and will notify them of your needs. Within minutes you’ll have someone with a truck heading your way, and ready to have your items hauled to wherever you need them taken. The app tracks the time it takes, and the distance that the driver has to transport your item, and you’re charged accordingly. The fee is $1 per mile + $1 per minute, so if it takes 20 minutes to haul something 10 miles away, you’ll be charged $30. It’s that simple!